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Growing up in a holistic household, I knew from a very young age the value of eating well, and that it doesn't have to be fussy or expensive. 


Throughout my life I've learned the very important lesson that unchecked stress sucks big time, and that it's not a hopeless state.  We all just need a little support and encouragement.

At Rock Steady Holistic Nutrition, my focus is on the BIG picture, offering practical guidelines and support for living a life that makes you feel good.

The Rock Steady Approach
Nourish your creativity. Enhance your performance. Prevent burn out.

I'm going to be straight with you: being a Professional DJ is SO FUN, but not all flash and dazzle.  It's a highly demanding profession that can be extremely enjoyable, not to mention lucrative, but it takes a certain level of dedication.

Being a great DJ takes more than practicing mixes and building a sweet music library.  When its your profession, you also need to consider the impact the lifestyle has on your health.  Sleep, nutrition and exercise habits can make or break your ability to put in the long hours, haul heavy gear and deliver the awesome performance that your fans and clients expect.


As a holistically minded-DJ, I've developed strategies make sure that I am rested, fed and prepared to rock each and every event.  This means prioritizing rest, fuelling my body with nutrient dense foods and working on my fitness.

I didn't always put the effort into my performance health; I was there for the party, ya'll! 

As I started to build a following and began booking high-level events, I realized just how physical DJing actually is, and that there's significant mental and emotional aspects of the gig.  It was when I discovered running and earned my designation as a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) that I had my a-ha moment: musicians are basically athletes.  At the end of the day, performance is performance is performance.  

Taking an athletic approach to the DJ Life

At first glance, musicians and elite athletes appear to be worlds away.  One is concerned with artistry, the other with physicality.  But whether they perform on the stage or the field, play an instrument or score mad points, there is a constant pressure for both musicians and athletes to perform well under the spotlight.  Too many talented musicians and athletes have their careers cut short because they didn't have the tools or support to manage the stress that comes along with the performer life.

I put just as much effort into my nutrition and movement practice as I do my DJ skills.  

While my performance happens behind the turntables, a lot of the magic happens in my kitchen and on the trails surrounding my hometown, Hamilton Ontario.  I eat foods that give provide lots of sustainable energy, and agree with my digestion.  I exercise my body in multiple ways (running, cycling, kettlebells, pilates) to ensure that I can set-up and tear down efficiently and safely.   


By taking an athletic approach to the Pro-DJ lifestyle, I am physically strong and capable.  I have developed a strong sense of self-awareness, confidence and resilience.  

As a holistic nutritionist, my ultimate goal is to help people, particularly my fellow female DJs, build and sustain a balanced lifestyle that empowers them to move through life with confidence and flexibility.


Nourish your creativity. Enhance your performance. Prevent burn out.

Thank You!

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