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I am a teapot - an analogy

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

Pre-pandemic, this was how things went: DJ clients were served a hot, perfectly steeped cup of tea in the finest teacups; family and friends got lukewarm, slightly bitter tea in chipped mugs, leaving the cold, soggy teabag for me...

Then, the pandemic came along and suddenly I had all the hot tea I could ever want! I realized that I really enjoy hot tea (unless it’s a scorching summer day, in which case I’ll have a refreshing glass of iced tea)

Now that Im DJing again, I need to be able to serve hot tea to my awesome clients, plus the people I hold near and dear, and still have a cup for myself. This essentially means that I have to find that sweet work/life balance. Here’s what I’m doing: setting “office hours” for emails and admin duties. Reserving one full weekend a month to spend time with the fam. Saying YES to gigs that fill me up (or my teapot in this case 😉) and politely declining the ones that don’t. Plus, carving out time JUST FOR ME. I love what I do. I love my life. I love piping hot tea. Performers, how do you find balance?!



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