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My name is Rachael Henderson.  I'm a Professional DJ, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Runner and Parent. 

DJing is my first true passion, and when I found running, I believe I became a better DJ. 

I prioritize my health and wellness and so that I can excel at both disciplines.

I love collaborating with passionate people on cool projects.

I think a sense of humour and a steady work ethic can get you pretty far in life.

My personal motto and words to live by:

Have a Plan. Go with the Flow


Music is atmosphere


The beautiful thing about music is its ability to create a mood or a vibe.  When the music is just right and fits the occasion, it's magic.  That's exactly the role of a DJ, and it's a responsibility I am honoured to fulfill.


Whole Life Nutrition to Fuel Performance

Nutrition goes further than just food; it's our habits, our relationships, our ability to manage stress, and so much more.  For performers and musicians, nutrition goes a little deeper. 


For better or for worse, the way we fuel and move our bodies can impact our performances and everyday life! The good news is that it doesn't have to be fussy; whole life nutrition can be practical, sustainable, and dare I say, enjoyable. 

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